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Analogue and Digital

I don’t normally write a lot when I post (this may have something to do with my incredibly slow typing!) Just a brief description if anything but I felt that this image needed some explanation, or rather justification, as it’s actually a digital capture (shock, horror!!).

Despite this blog being my ‘journal of 35mm film photography’ I’ve only owned my film camera’s for about 3 months – I’ve had a digital camera for much longer than that. What I didn’t have until I bought my first film camera was a desire to take better pictures. I also didn’t understand much about photography in general and most of my photographs were taken on auto without much thought about composition or exposure. I feel like I’ve learned so much since taking up analogue photography – there’s something about it that almost forces you to study more. Perhaps it’s the cost and desire to not waste film snapping endless images that you can delete with no consequence (or learning?). Who knows.

I went out the other evening to Fleswick Bay just to take some black and white pictures on my Pentax loaded with Kodak T-Max 100. As I was walking back along the cliff tops I began to regret not having Velvia in the camera as the sunset was particularly fine. Luckily my girlfriend had brought along my little old digital camera.

While this image isn’t earth shattering or award winning, it does represent a progression. It’s a picture I simply wouldn’t have been able to envisage or take 4 months ago.

Taken on a 6 year old Olympus point and shoot, I took only 3 images. This one was the best.