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Pre Dawn Mist


The town of Keswick just emerging from an ethereal mist lying in the valley of Borrowdale.

This was taken just before sunrise and the mist slowly dispersed as the sun rose

Olympus 35SP

Fuji Velvia



Part boat, part submarine!

People looking on at a partly sunken boat in Seahouses harbour while others try to ‘rescue’ it.

Leica M3/50 Summicron

Tri-X/D76 1:1

Alone on the Beach


A beautiful stretch of beach up on the Northumberland coast. There must be about 5 miles of unbroken golden sand and (at this time of year) almost no one there!

Olympus OM2(n), OM Zuiko 24/f2.8

Tri-X/D76 1:1