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Crummock Water

Typical English Lake District weather over Crummock Water and the Buttermere Mountains. Wild and windy – I got a good soaking very shortly after this photo was taken!

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Cumbria, October 2013

Derwent Water

Copper toned monochrome image of Brandlehow Bay on Derwent Water.

Brandlehow Bay

Faint crepuscular rays veil Ashness Bridge and Bleaberry Fell beyond.

Cumbria, October 2013


A few images from a recent bouldering trip.

The climber is Zac Poulton who is currently in Nepal leading an expedition to Himlung Himal – a 7000m peak in the Himalaya’s. The team hope to make the second British ascent. The mountain is not without it’s dangers – tragically, 3 Sherpa’s were killed in an avalanche on a recent, separate trip.

Zac should be posting a progress report on his blog pretty soon.

(one more) Bamburgh Castle

The last (I promise!) in a short series of images of Bamburgh Castle.

As in the image in yesterday’s post, I was attracted to the line leading from bottom left to the castle in the top right.

This image hasn’t had much post processing – just some tweaks to contrast and some minor burning in around the edges.

Bamburgh Castle 3

Northumberland, October 2013

Bamburgh Castle (again)

The second of a short series on Bamburgh Castle. (click here for the first one)

Straight raw file conversion (resized and sharpened)

Straight raw file conversion (resized and sharpened)

Bamburgh Castle (blue toned)

Bamburgh Castle (blue toned)

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In this image I was attracted by the line of rocks leading from bottom left and linking up with the reflection of the castle lights in the sand which in turn lead the eye up to the dark and brooding castle.

The image started out in colour but I felt like the castle lights just didn’t fit in with the beautiful, natural pre dawn glow.  I decided then that I would convert this to black and white. This left the leading line in but took out the distracting colour of the lights. It’s a pity the castle authorities don’t switch the lights of about an hour before sunrise. The light on this part of the coast can be really beautiful, soft and subtle just before sunrise and the harsh glare of sodium lights really look good.

I’ve included the colour image for comparison

Northumberland, October 2013


A solitary hut on Bamburgh Beach. The pale colour of the building perfectly complimented by the soft, post sunset light.

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Bamburgh Beach Hut

Northumberland, October 2013