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Costa Blanca Climbing

Photo essay of a recent sport climbing trip to the Costa Blanca.

We were based out of Calpe and climbed in several different areas

Costa Blanca (6)

An inauspicious start! We arrived late and the only place open for food at midnight was the ubiquitous Burger King

Clockwise from left Zac, Matt, Scott, Matt B, Kieran and Clare

Costa Blanca (5)

Angus Burger and Fries please

Costa Blanca (9)

Toix Oeste. Matt B climbing

Costa Blanca (7)

Matt with his all important head protection

Costa Blanca (8)


Costa Blanca (11)

Late afternoon at Toix

Day two and we headed inland

Costa Blanca (13)

Aventador – Matt B climbing

Costa Blanca (15)

Clare and Kieran decide on the next route while Matt and Matt try to stay warm. It was unseasonably cold at Aventador

Costa Blanca (16)

Kieran (on something hard)

Costa Blanca (14)

Kieran and Scott taking a break and finding time for a laugh

Mascarat Gorge

Costa Blanca (18)

Zac prepaing to abseil off the railings into the gorge. Cars were whizzing past behind me as I took this shot

Costa Blanca (19)

Probably one of the best ab anchors you could ask for. The fixed protection on the route we did wasn’t quite as solid

Costa Blanca (20)

Zac on the first pitch of Boulder Terminar (HVS), Mascarat Gorge

Costa Blanca (21)

Topping out on pitch two

Costa Blanca (22)

Time for lunch on the stance at the top of pitch 4

Costa Blanca (25)

Late afternoon, Zac at the top of the gorge

Costa Blanca (23)

The finish of Boulder Terminar. Toix Oeste in the background

Costa Blanca (26)

The Penon at night – The next day’s objective

Costa Blanca (30)

Clare and Matt high up on ‘Costa Blanca’ 6c+

Costa Blanca (33)

Heading off up the next pitch

Costa Blanca (29)

Zac belaying on ‘Diedre UBSA’ HVS 

Costa Blanca (28)

Climbers behind us on the same route

Costa Blanca (36)

Great views from the top of the Penon. Kieran and Scott after climbing ‘El Navigante’ 7a

Costa Blanca (4)

The Summit of the Penon

With grey skies and rain forecast we headed to Olta the next day

Costa Blanca (2)

Clare climbing at Olta

Costa Blanca (1)

The classic route here is ‘Tai Chi’ 6b+ Matt climbing

Costa Blanca (38)

‘Tai Chi’ Matt B climbing

Costa Blanca (37)

‘Tai Chi’ Kieran climbing

Costa Blanca (3)

‘Tufa Groove’ 6b+ Scott climbing

All of these photo’s were taken on an old Leica M4 with a fixed Zeiss 35mm f2.8 lens and Kodak Portra 400 film.

We climbed at a couple of other areas but I haven’t developed that roll of film yet!

Thanks to Kieran, Scott, Matt, Matt, Clare and Zac for a great climbing trip

Costa Blanca (12)

Sunset over The Costa Blanca

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Spain, December 2013

The Globe Sessions

Informal, fiddle humming, banjo picking, bass pumping, guitar strumming, foot tapping, bluegrass music session at the Globe in Kendal last night.

Globe Sessions Jan '14 (23) Globe Sessions Jan '14 (22) Globe Sessions Jan '14 (20) Globe Sessions Jan '14 (19) Globe Sessions Jan '14 (18) Globe Sessions Jan '14 (17) Globe Sessions Jan '14 (15) Globe Sessions Jan '14 (14) Globe Sessions Jan '14 (13) Globe Sessions Jan '14 (12) Globe Sessions Jan '14 (11) Globe Sessions Jan '14 (9) Globe Sessions Jan '14 (8) Globe Sessions Jan '14 (7) Globe Sessions Jan '14 (6)

Globe Sessions Jan '14 (10)

Well done to Janet and Steve for organising a great night. It looks like this might be a regular Tuesday night thing so if your’re around Kendal why not pop in and enjoy a beer and some great music.

Kendal, Cumbria, January 2014


It’s amazing what you find not far from the beaten track.

Coniston (7)

Remnants of winch machinery

I went for a wander up the Old Man Of Coniston today. The summit was disappointingly cloudy and the views non existent.

On the way back down I soon dropped out of the cloud and I decided to get off the tourist track and happened to find a load of mine workings and a slate mine which I went in to explore.

Coniston (4)

Looking out of the slate mine

This was only one small part of what must have been a huge operation in it’s time. You pass a few old buildings and a little bit of machinery on the way up the tourist path but nothing like this.

Coniston (1) Coniston (2) Coniston (3) Coniston (9)

The tram lines were mostly intact and ran all through the mine

Coniston (8)

Rail lines for the ‘Dolly Tubs’

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve walked up and down the path to the summit of the Old Man but never seen this site – it’s only about 100 metres away from the track

Coniston (5)

First light over the Copper Mines valley

Cumbria, January 2014

Force Falls

Or rather, the mill race next to Force Falls on the River Kent

Click thumbnail to view large (they look much better i.e sharper)

Mill Race Force Falls

Force Falls is actually the blur in the background of the second picture.

Cumbria, January 2014