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ITACE Winter Training (in glorious technicolor)

Photo reportage of the ITACE team winter training week in The Cairngorms, Scotland.

I’ve been posting monochrome images of the week here, here and here but I thought it might be interesting to post the whole week in colour

Scotland, Feb ’14

Winter Training (day 5)

Last day of winter training in Scotland for the ITACE team. Previous posts here and here

Leaving the snow hole, ski anchors and crevasse rescue

If you have to ask about the banjo you haven’t read the Shackleton story

Scotland, February 2014

Winter Training (part 2)

Following on from this post more shots from days 3 and 4 of the ITACE team winter training in Scotland

Pulling pulks and snow-holing

Scotland, Feb 2014

Winter Training

First two days of winter training for the ITACE team

Scotland, February 2014

The Cairngorms

Just back from a few days winter climbing in Scotland.

The weather has been very unsettled but Thursday started fine

Cairngorms (5)

Sunrise on Meall a Buchaille

The Sun shone for most of Thursday!

Cairngorms (6)


Kieran on an Arctic plateau

The sky only stayed blue until mid afternoon and we walked back down in a blizzard. Conditions can change in an instant.

Cairngorms (2)

It clouded over early afternoon

Cairngorms (8)


Preparing to abseil in to Recovery Gully

Cairngorms (7)

Cairngorms, Scotland, February 2014