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Finally got through editing my pictures from a recent trip to Italy

Firstly some landscapes from the Dolomites – Mostly taken around the Falzarego Pass which was the scene of intense fighting between the Italians and Austrians during WW1. The Austrians held one side of the pass and the summit of Mount Lagazuoi and the Italians the other and a ledge halfway up the mountain (the Martini Ledge). The Austrians threw hand grenades and bombs down on the Italians and the Italians fired machine guns on to the Austrians below.

Both sides tunneled extensively into the mountain with the Italians eventually exploding a mine deep inside which blew the top of the subsidiary summit off and destroyed the Austrian placements.

It’s possible to travel from almost the bottom of the mountain to the top up through the tunnels inside

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 Next some Via Ferrata action

This is ‘Ski Club 18’ a relatively new Via Ferrata above Cortina

And finally some Street Photography from around Arco near Lake Garda and Venice

Italy, August 2014


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Climber Zac Poulton

Black Crag, Wrynose, Cumbria, August 2014