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August 2013

Whitehaven Harbour

  Safely back in port the catch is unloaded from a fishing vessel.   Cumbria,  August, 2013


Preparations for the show ‘El Foc Del Mar’ Cumbria, August 2013


Bringing in the hay bales – Autumn isn’t far away. Cumbria, August 2013


            ‘El Foc Del Mar’ or Fire of the Sea. A traditional Spanish street parade with (lots) of fireworks. Cumbria, August 2013

Crow Park

Keswick, August 2013

Crow Park

Two boys returning from fishing on Derwent Water. Crow Park backs onto the lake and is often the site of festivals and fetes. (Contax G2/45mmPlanar/HP5+/Rodinal) Keswick, Cumbria, August 2013

To Fly a Kite

After a long day at the beach a boy fly’s his kite in the growing dusk. St.Bees, Cumbria, July 2013

A Kiss From the White Lady

At Keswick Midsummer Festival Cumbria,  June 2013

Jolly Gardener

Keswick, June 2013

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