Tag: Pentax MX

Crummock Water

Pentax MX/SMC M 50/f1.7/Kodak Portra 400 Cumbria, March 2013

Forgotton Chair

In the process of being reclaimed by nature Greysouthen allotments, Cumbria, March 2013

Water Pump

Two images of the same subject. One is a straight scan from the negative with ‘auto levels’ applied in Picasa. The other (the featured image) is a photographic print on fibre based paper. I reversed the negative when making the print so the image would read ‘correctly’ i.e from left

Flat Out

This is a bit of a change from my recent posts which have mostly been ‘Landscapes’ Cyprus, December 2012

River Affric

Three images of the River Affric in the Scottish Highlands. One on 35mm T-Max 100 and the other two on Fuji Velvia 120. Two shots are at 1/2 sec exposure and one at 10 secs. Scotland, February 2013




Cyprus, December 2012.


Cumbria, February 2013.


Costa, Keswick, U.K, Dec 2012

Tree/Early Morning Light

West Cumbria, Dec 2012.

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