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Bamburgh Castle

The last rays of the evening sun light up the castle windows. Northumberland, August 2013


August 2013


Film and development details on My Ipernity Northumberland,  August 2013

St Bees

Cumbria, August 2013

Whitehaven Harbour

  Safely back in port the catch is unloaded from a fishing vessel.   Cumbria,  August, 2013


The ‘Atlantis’ boulders of Thirlmere. Long used by rock climbers for training on, they present a selection of short, hard climbing problems. The lower the water in the reservoir, the more problems become available. In this photo the water level is rising and is already too high. A few days


Preparations for the show ‘El Foc Del Mar’ Cumbria, August 2013


Bringing in the hay bales – Autumn isn’t far away. Cumbria, August 2013


            ‘El Foc Del Mar’ or Fire of the Sea. A traditional Spanish street parade with (lots) of fireworks. Cumbria, August 2013


Film and development details on My Ipernity Only just starting to fill back up after the recent rain. This reservoir is usually much higher than this. Cumbria, August 2013

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