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Eclectic collection of photographs from the month of May Click on a thumbnail to scroll through Cumbria/Yorkshire, May 2014


A few random images from a road trip to Devon Click on an image to scroll through Devon, May 2014

The Ring ‘o Bells Pub

Characters Click on thumbnail to scroll Kendal, May 2014


Veronica chamaedrys and Meconopsis cambrica click to view full size Speedwell was traditionally considered a good luck charm for travelers and Welsh poppies are just really pretty (and good at brightening up dull verges) Front Garden, My House, Kendal May 2014

Street (March)

A few random street shots from last month Kendal and Ambleside, March 2014


Gallery of images from a recent trip to the Highlands Click on a thumbnail to view Scotland, March 2014

Big Sky

Not Montana Click on thumbnail for large Scotland, March 2014


Click on thumbnail for large River Kent, Kendal, March 2014


Click on thumbnail for large Langdale, Cumbria, March 2014

Winter Training (day 5)

Last day of winter training in Scotland for the ITACE team. Previous posts here and here Leaving the snow hole, ski anchors and crevasse rescue If you have to ask about the banjo you haven’t read the Shackleton story Scotland, February 2014

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