Tag: Tri-X

To Fly a Kite

After a long day at the beach a boy fly’s his kite in the growing dusk. St.Bees, Cumbria, July 2013

A Kiss From the White Lady

At Keswick Midsummer Festival Cumbria,  June 2013

How To Get a Good View

I’m not sure why he thought his infant would be interested in seeing the (very loud) rock band that was on stage at the time. Maybe baby has good taste in music? Maryport Blues Festival, Cumbria, July 2013

Ladies with Umbrellas

Street shot taken during the Maryport Blues Festival Cumbria, July 2013

Newcastle Quayside

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, May 2013

Grey’s Monument

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, May 2013

Four in Hand

The chap peering out of the window isn’t immediately obvious. Keswick, Cumbria, June 2013

Passing Time

Passenger Ferry, Outer Hebrides, May 2013

Taking a Break

It can be hard work walking in the sun! These ramblers decided it was time for a rest. Luckily they were next to a café that sells very good ice cream. Nichol End Marina, Cumbria, June 2013


Sometimes there isn’t anything to do except stare out of a window, fall asleep or ponder your life. Passenger ferry, Outer Hebrides, May 2013

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