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Flat Out

This is a bit of a change from my recent posts which have mostly been ‘Landscapes’ Cyprus, December 2012


Cyprus, December 2012.


Cumbria, February 2013.


Costa, Keswick, U.K, Dec 2012

Tree/Early Morning Light

West Cumbria, Dec 2012.


I came across this old van while out for a walk the other day. It obviously hadn’t been used for an age and was stuffed to the roof with junk. West Cumbria, UK, Dec 2012.

Early Morning Farm and Fields

I quite like being out at sunrise. The countryside is quiet and when it’s still and misty there’s a certain sense of peacefulness over the land. West Cumbria, Dec 2012.

Farm Yard

                 West Cumbria, Jan 2012

Wheeling Around The Sun

St.Bees, Cumbria, Dec 2012


Pafos seafront, Cyprus, Dec 2012

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