Sanctuary Knocker


This adorns the north door of Durham Cathedral. In medieval times those who had committed a great offense   could rap on the door and claim 37 days sanctuary inside the cathedral during which time they could reconcile with their enemies, choose to face trial or leave the country by the nearest port.


Leica M3, 90mm Tele – Elmarit, Kodak Tri-X 10 mins in D76 1:1.

4 Replies to “Sanctuary Knocker”

  1. Will never tire of photographing this unique knocker- you do it great justice


    • John Pickles says:

      Thank you. The light was quite flat and I wasn’t sure how these would turn out but Tri-X and D76 is a great combination for a reason.


  2. Great photo. The b/w really captures the texture and form of the knocker. Thanks for sharing. Cheers.


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