Rannerdale Beck…


…which zig zags down from Grasmoor, Lake District, UK.

(Kodak T Max 100 in D76 1:1)

11 Replies to “Rannerdale Beck…”

  1. andybeel says:

    Hi John great lighting – thanks. Andy


    • John Pickles says:

      Thanks Andy. One of those days when the light changes from one minute to the next. I took six shots of this from the same place and it came to a decision between two. This one won but there wasn’t a lot in it.


  2. Russ says:

    great shot, T-max was always my fave back in the old days


    • John Pickles says:

      I’m still trying to decide between T Max and Pan F for certain subjects (landscapes being one). It’s a really difficult to choose between the two.


  3. louvain95 says:

    Sharp lines and shadows playing with light: you gave life to these shapes. An arresting picture, thank you!


    • John Pickles says:

      Thank you. I saw a similar scene a while ago but wasn’t in a position to shoot it. Thankfully this time I was. Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  4. Breathtaking beautiful! Love it!


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