Black and White Sunset


Leica M3/50mm Summicron

Kodak Tri-X

Ilfotec DD-X

9 Replies to “Black and White Sunset”

  1. mostlymonochrome says:

    Sunset looks better in monochrome.


  2. I rarely come across sunset photos in monochrome. It’s actually quite pleasing. 🙂


    • John Pickles says:

      Thank you! It was a very colourful sunset but I only had black and white film in the camera. I’m pleased it worked out ok.


  3. Børge says:

    Excellent capture!


  4. louvain95 says:

    Beautiful! You captured the essence of sunset. Also, without any colour’s distraction, this scene is particularly serene thanks to all these horizontal planes (is this the correct word?).
    I love the mist too, it adds depth in the foreground.
    This picture must be seen enlarged, it was a pleasure to discover the bigger image.


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