Project – Around the Harbour (#1 'Fishing')


Fishing for mackerel from the end of the harbour wall.

Olympus OM2(n)

OM Zuiko 35/f2.8

Ilford FP4 Plus/D76 1:1

9 Replies to “Project – Around the Harbour (#1 'Fishing')”

  1. mostlymonochrome says:

    Oxford always looks great.


    • John Pickles says:

      I really like the Ilford emulsions (especially Pan F and FP4) but Tri-X just pips HP5 for me and it’s quite a bit cheaper!


  2. mostlymonochrome says:

    That should say ‘Ilford’


  3. simon0252 says:

    Nice composition with the steps curving through the frame. Is this Whitehaven?


    • John Pickles says:

      Thanks. It is indeed Whitehaven. I was there the other day and took a series of photo’s as a kind of ‘mini project’. just trying to document everyday scenes from around the harbour. More coming soon.


  4. Great composition and perspective! Love this series!!


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