Weekly Photo Challenge: EVERYDAY LIFE

No, not being in a coffee shop (although that might be considered daily life for some), but texting/checking your phone – Unfortunately this picture is also a sad comment on the decline of the art of conversation. This couple barely spoke to each other all the time they were in the cafe.


Leica M3/50mm Summicron

Ilford HP5 Plus/D76 1:1

14 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: EVERYDAY LIFE”

  1. Propably they are texting to each other via facebook…
    Great capture!


    • John Pickles says:

      That same thought crossed my mind too! Perhaps one day we’ll all grow over developed thumbs and forget how to speak altogether….oh, a cold shiver just ran down my spine…


  2. Great photo! With progress we always leave something behind when we move on to the new, (I believe) hopefully it is not art of conversation that we leave behind when we embrace the ‘new’ of technology.


  3. Colline says:

    So agree with you – people are losing the art of face to face conversation as they rely too heavily on the social media communication.


  4. quite simply says:

    Yes so true re the sad decline, but fabulous image none the less. I love b/w and I have a similar image I took when using b/w film, however the couple in my pic were playing chess in a cafe!


    • John Pickles says:

      Now that’s a great excuse to sit opposite each other and not speak! More people should play chess in cafe’s. Was it long ago?


      • quite simply says:

        No, it was in May this year when I was on a work trip to LA and had a b/w film assignment to do. I thought they made great subjects.


  5. quite simply says:

    p.s, John thought I’d send you the link to the image I mentioned above. It was the first time I’d used film in 20 years, so it comes with some tech flaws, but was fun using all the same. 🙂 Jen http://jennhammerphotography.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=315


  6. Great Capture and the Leica wins the day. It is so sad these days that we often see people out and about or sitting as you have captured so well spending less time engaging with each other or the world around them. Sorry may be I am just cynical


  7. simon0252 says:

    I’ve seen this too. Three young women in a pub all communicating with someone not present. Too busy texting, they never spoke or looked at each other, just reached for their drinks now and again with eyes firmly fixed on their mobiles. Great image.


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