Lobster Pots


At Beadnell harbour in Northumberland, UK

Leica M3/50 Summicron

Tri-X/D76 1:1

9 Replies to “Lobster Pots”

  1. Wonderful. Love your composition and perspective!
    How is it going with your 503, have you taken any photos yet? Just curious….. 😉


    • John Pickles says:

      Hi Marie.I’ve been super busy with work lately and haven’t had much time for photography. I have only put two rolls through the 503 and only developed one (test roll). The camera is great and the 6cm square negs are a joy to behold! Unfortunately my flat bed scanner is not so good (in fact it’s rubbish!!!) so I won’t be able to post any of the images (unless I buy a new scanner which isn’t going to happen anytime soon). All is not doom and gloom though as I will soon be able to make ‘wet’ prints form the medium format negatives and that’s really why I bought this camera. Thanks for the positive feedback on my posts!


  2. Renchick says:

    Great composition!


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