Photographing the Photographer


Hasselblad 503cx/Zeiss 80/f2.8

Ilford FP4+/D76 1:1

2 Replies to “Photographing the Photographer”

  1. Is this a scanned darkroom print, or did you manage to scan the negative?
    Great picture!
    Have a very nice weekend John!


    • John Pickles says:

      Hi Marie
      I managed to (not very well) scan the negative. It’s a little frustrating not being able to post the medium format images in as good a quality as I know they should be (content, of course, is a different matter – good or bad!)
      Also, yesterday I found two brilliant books about making fine darkroom monochrome prints (‘Elements – The Making of Fine Monochrome Prints’ by Barry Thornton and ‘Creative Elements, Landscape Photography – Darkroom Techniques’ by Eddie Ephraums) both of which show and explain how to make amazing looking prints but both of which use very different techniques and equipment. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by them both but if you can find these books they are definitely worth a look (I found them in a thrift store!)
      Meanwhile I’m still waiting for delivery of the remainder of my darkroom equipment!

      Have a good weekend


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