10 thoughts on “Durham

    • I bought the M3 last year but after using it for a couple of months it developed a random light leak and it’s been back and forth to the repair shop ever since. Fingers crossed it’s now (finally) fixed. At least I hope so – it’s a beautiful camera.


      • Sure is. I’m having a bit of a camera clear out at the moment – my Contax G2 and G lenses are on ebay at the moment. I think having 2 M bodies and a Contax system is a little excessive!


      • I returned last night from a photo road trip to Seattle and the Palouse area of Idaho. Fellow I met with in Palouse used a Contax G2. He likes and uses it a lot. Also used 4X5 Graphic View.


      • The G2 is a fantastic camera but a totally different shooting experience to the Leica(s). It’s more like shooting a digital (autofocus) camera but without the flexibility. Although there isn’t a digital camera with the same specs as the G2 (yet!)


      • It’s interesting getting different perspectives. Because the view camera took so much time to prepare before shooting and was so big he wanted the small fully automatic Contax as the companion. He called it his “high end point and shoot”.


      • Two very different camera’s indeed. I’m intrigued by large format (who doesn’t aspire to make images like Saint Ansel) but I feel it isn’t for me. Infact, I feel like I’m not getting the (mountain) landscape shots I want as I’m reluctant to carry my medium format kit up into the hills because of the weight and bulk. I’m seriously considering buying a Sony RX1 – full frame quality but so small and easy to carry. Going (semi) digital would be quite a step for me!


      • I used the Mamiya 7 and several roles of Velvia for landscape. Anxious to see if 6×7 gets it done. Most were done with my M9 and 21MM which I know works. It 7 may end up being B&W only. Great quality and can process and scan at home. Keeps costs down.


      • Yeah, Metering for Velvia can be real tricky and expensive if you get it wrong. But when it’s right it really is tremendous. I’m looking forward to seeing some of your images.


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