ITACE Winter Training (in glorious technicolor)

Photo reportage of the ITACE team winter training week in The Cairngorms, Scotland.

I’ve been posting monochrome images of the week here, here and here but I thought it might be interesting to post the whole week in colour

Scotland, Feb ’14

5 Responses to “ITACE Winter Training (in glorious technicolor)”

    • John Pickles

      Thanks Merilee. Nat Geo photographer = dream job! Wouldn’t that be something, being paid to go to amazing locations around the world and take photographs.


      • Merilee

        Absolutely! It was my dream as a small child. But I’m afraid my photos are a little too weird for Nat Geo. I think it should be your aim! You’re very good.


      • John Pickles

        Weird? Too artistic, maybe but I wouldn’t describe your pictures as too weird for Nat Geo. Thanks again for the compliment.


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