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Taking a Break

Just a guy who works in the Fish and Chip shop taking a break. Keswick, Cumbria, June 2013

Street Band

Playing some great ‘world music’ with prominent drums. Keswick, Cumbria, June 2013


Waiting for his friend to arrive with supplies (beer!) It’s not about catching the fish, it’s about lazing around in a boat on a sunny day. Nichol End Marina, Cumbria, June 2013

Taking a Break

It can be hard work walking in the sun! These ramblers decided it was time for a rest. Luckily they were next to a café that sells very good ice cream. Nichol End Marina, Cumbria, June 2013

Street Portrait

Keswick, June 2013

Crummock Water

Photographic print on fibre based paper. Hasselblad 503cx/Zeiss 80mmf2.8/PanF/Rodinal Lake District, Cumbria, March 3013

Glen Affric

Ilford Pan F+ developed in Rodinal. Photographic print on Ilford Multigrade RC paper Glen Affric, Scotland, February 2013

Great Gable

Classic View of Great Gable across Innominate Tarn on Haystacks in the English Lake District. Photographic print on fibre based paper Cumbria, January 2013


Macro photo of an apple. Shot with a Hasselblad 503cx/50mm Zeiss Distagon/21mm extension tube. Ilford Pan f+ developed in Rodinal 1+25 and printed on Ilford Multigrade IV Fibre Based Paper. Scanned on a cheap flatbed scanner which has screwed up the highlights (and added a fair amount of dust specks)

Northern Cairngorms

Been experimenting with Rodinal ‘Stand Development’ but I’m not impressed with the line of extra density I’m getting down one side of my negatives. Caused by the developer ‘sinking’ to the bottom of the tank during development. I’ve tried various versions of ‘Semi Stand Development’ but to no avail. I’ve

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