Tag: Zeiss C Sonnar ZM 50/f1.5


Another one from an old roll of film. Not an ‘Andrex’ puppy anymore but still quite cute. Click on thumbnail for full size With TMax 100 film in the Leica M4 I think I probably shot this hand held (resting on a cushion) at 1/4 sec and f1.5. There’s no

Bamburgh Castle

The last rays of the evening sun light up the castle windows. Northumberland, August 2013

Taking Time Out

And yes, that lady is picking at her toes. Maryport, Cumbria, July 2013


‘Phubbing’ – when someone you’re talking to suddenly ignores you to use their phone. Snubbed by phone. This phenomenon is not new but I guess the name is. This actually made an article on the morning news today. Unbelievable. As if there isn’t enough real news to report on. Maryport, Cumbria, July 2013

How To Get a Good View

I’m not sure why he thought his infant would be interested in seeing the (very loud) rock band that was on stage at the time. Maybe baby has good taste in music? Maryport Blues Festival, Cumbria, July 2013

Ladies with Umbrellas

Street shot taken during the Maryport Blues Festival Cumbria, July 2013

Taking a Break

Just a guy who works in the Fish and Chip shop taking a break. Keswick, Cumbria, June 2013

Street Band

Playing some great ‘world music’ with prominent drums. Keswick, Cumbria, June 2013


Waiting for his friend to arrive with supplies (beer!) It’s not about catching the fish, it’s about lazing around in a boat on a sunny day. Nichol End Marina, Cumbria, June 2013

Taking a Break

It can be hard work walking in the sun! These ramblers decided it was time for a rest. Luckily they were next to a café that sells very good ice cream. Nichol End Marina, Cumbria, June 2013

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