Rugged and Beautiful…


…Langstrath Valley in the Lake District National Park, U.K

Ilford HP5 Plus, Ilfotec DD-X, 9 Mins @ 20c

4 Replies to “Rugged and Beautiful…”

  1. Nice! I love the tones across the work.


    • John Pickles says:

      Thanks Stephen. This is the first roll of HP5 Plus I’ve shot. I like it, it’s a bit grainy (maybe too grainy for landscapes?) so I’m looking forward to shooting some street photography with it especially at night for which I think it will be excellent (lots of ‘character’).


      • Whilst I don’t do much film, I tend to steer away from HP5 for landscape work – though having said that, if the light is flat and you’re looking at micro landscapes instead of vistas, the ‘character’ can be very useful.


      • John Pickles says:

        Any suggestions for a good landscape film? I’ve used T-Max 100 and quite like that. I was wondering about Ilford Pan F Plus, FP4 Plus and Delta 100. I have no experience with these films.


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