The Look

Leica M3

50mm Summicron

Kodak Tri-X/D76 1:1

5 Replies to “The Look”

  1. Wow, fantastic capture, I love this! Magic moment! I’m in awe….. 😉


  2. The candid part of it is great – one of those moments.
    I’m not sure about the contrast in the mid-range.


    • John Pickles says:

      Probably me being totally inept tweaking it in Picasa. It was taken at about 8.30 at night (f2 and 1/30 sec) on an overcast evening (very flat light). I tried to increase contrast but only succeeded in making the blacks very murky. I’ve replaced it now. This one was cropped and ‘auto contrasted’ and that’s all. I try to do as little post processing as possible, (partly because I only have a small note book computer with a tiny screen) so I think this as good as it will ever be! Glad you liked the ‘candid’ part though!


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