Project – Around the Harbour (#4 Fishing – The Popular Choice)


Fishing is ever popular along the harbour walls, but mostly, it seems, with the male population. One lady (sitting) fishing with plenty of male company.


Age is no barrier! This old chap must have known something the others didn’t. I watched him for 5 minutes and in that time he caught 3 Mackerel. Others around him caught nothing!


Got One!!!

Olympus OM2(n)

OM Zuiko 35mm/f2.8 + 85mm/f2.0

Ilford FP4 Plus/D76 1:1

2 Replies to “Project – Around the Harbour (#4 Fishing – The Popular Choice)”

  1. Absolutely wonderful photos! The old man had propably been there before….A number of times……hehe…. 😉


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