Project – Around the Harbour (#6 Floating Wreck)


The fact that this skeleton of a ship is still afloat is amazing.


One man was busy working away in the bowels of the wreck, watched by an interested colleague.


At first I assumed he was fixing it up (a truly Herculean task!)

Until I saw him take a chainsaw to the hull. At which point I figured he was probably dismantling it one rotten piece at a time.

Olympus OM2 (n)

OM Zuiko 35mm/f2.8 + 85mm/f2.0

Ilford FP4 Plus/D76 1:1

6 Responses to “Project – Around the Harbour (#6 Floating Wreck)”

    • John Pickles

      Yeah, it looked like it might sink at any moment. Chainsawing the sides probably wasn’t helping!


    • John Pickles

      At one point the guy on the boat was hammering out lumps of wood from the very bottom of the hull. I almost thought he was trying to put a hole in it! Yeah, I wouldn’t get on board either!



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