Medium Format Magic

Photographic print on fibre based paper.
Shot with a Hasselblad 503cx and 80 mm Zeiss lens on expired Ilford FP4+ (2004) (I over developed and blew some highlight detail)
I shoot a lot of 35mm on camera’s ranging from fairy cheap (Pentax SLR) to very expensive (Leica M3/50mm Summicron Lens) and can’t tell any difference between prints made by the different camera’s at all – the quality is all the same (honestly, if you’re interested in starting 35mm film photography save yourself a load of money and buy a used Pentax MX with a 50mm prime lens) although I can tell the difference between different film stocks quite easily which have a much greater effect on 35mm picture quality.
On the other hand, the difference between 35mm and medium format is striking. The image quality is far better and shot wide open, the Zeiss lens on the Hasselblad has a beautiful rendering – almost 3 dimensional.
I love the grainy, gritty, no nonsense look of 35mm Tri-X developed in Rodinal but just occasionally I like to make a print with clarity and resolution and for that medium format wins hands down

Scan-130413-0023 copy.tif

Photographic Print on fibre based paper.

Hassleblad 503cx, Zeiss 80mm/f2.8/Tri-X/D76 1:1

Cumbria, UK. April 2013

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