Sunset and our Camper van (with sea kayaks) near Berneray North Beach

All pictures taken with a Contax G2 and Fuji Velvia 50

Berneray is a small island which is connected to North Uist by a causeway.

The Sound of Harris ferry arrives and departs from near the causeway and we nearly missed this delightful little island by driving straight across to North Uist.

Luckily for us, where we stayed on our first night there was an old chap in a campervan who told us about a lovely little café called the Lobster Pot Tea Rooms (on Berneray).

We decided to check it out and drove over there next day (passing back past the ferry terminal).

The tea room was great and the proprietor told us a bit about the island and suggested we check out the independent hostel just up the road.

Renovated from a couple of old crofts. The hostel is small (about 18 beds) and works on a first come first served basis but is beautiful and cosy with a great log burning stove in the main room. You can also camp and use the facilities for a small fee. It’s also right on the sea front and only 1 metre above sea level. Honestly, when the tide came in I thought it was coming the front door!

There’s a great beach right on the doorstep.

Beach on Bereray

And what little rubbish there is soon cleaned and made into ‘art’

Sea debris near Bereray Hostel

We passed the local school on the way to the Hostel

School Buildings, Bereray

I’m fairly sure my school didn’t look as good as this though!

There are quite a few abandoned houses and crofts and houses on the island.

Abandoned croft, Berneray

Abandoned croft buildings, Berneray 

And some of them look like the occupants left in a hurry.

Interior of an abandoned house, Berneray

Despite the derelict buildings the island didn’t feel run down. There seems to be a nice, friendly, working community here.

The fishing harbour (not the ferry port) looked clean and well kept. It’s also campervan friendly with showers in the W.C. (very refreshing when you’re living in the back of a small campervan)

Berneray Harbour

So, if you find yourself driving off the ferry from South Harris, turn right and go and explore Berneray (esp. the Lobster Pot Tea rooms!)

It’s definitely worth a look.

Berneray, Outer Hebrides, May 2013

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