South Harris, Outer Hebrides, May 2013

10 Replies to “Beaches”

  1. Superb – I want to go there now!


  2. limr says:

    They’re all beautiful, but the colors and shadow details in the first and last shots are just stunning.


  3. JimR says:

    Beautiful images John. I just love these superb, peaceful, unspoilt landscapes so well captured.


  4. John Ferebee says:

    John, whoa you do Velvia too? I love the look of that stuff. How the heck to you scan it and have the colors look like the slides?


    • John Pickles says:

      Hi John. I don’t do much Velvia, it’s getting way too pricey! I use Vuescan and a dedicated 35mm film scanner (Reflecta 7200). I lock exposure and film base colour (using a clear section of film) then scan the slides at 3600dpi and save as .tiff
      I always resize files for the web to 800 pixels along the longest side and to compensate for the scanner deficiencies I always have to do ‘auto levels’ (this all applies to Black and White too, by the way).
      Usually after doing this the scans look okay but to get them to look nearer the slides I have to boost the saturation. Not to much though as I want them to be as close to the image on the slide as possible and I see far too many digital images on the web which are way overcooked.
      The scans look pretty good but the slides still look better!
      Hope this helps




      • John Ferebee says:

        I’m using a Plustec 8100 with Silverfast and they come out way over saturated. I keep playing with it, however. B&W much better with Rodinal and your system. Thanks again. Going to post a couple in the next day or two.


      • John Pickles says:

        I’ve never used Silverfast but with Vuescan there is a ‘colour’ menu where there are pre sets for white balance, auto levels, neutral, tungsten etc. I always set this to ‘none’. I also don’t use any ‘film type profile’ pre-sets. Looking forward to seeing the new black and white work. Cheers. John


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