The Jumper

Watched by a crowd a young boy jumps from a bridge during the Maryport Blues Festival

Cumbria, July 2013

3 Responses to “The Jumper”

  1. Stephen G. Hipperson

    Dodgy – I guess this must be an okay spot for jumping, I’ve seen a lot in the press recently about tombstoning and the dangers associated with it. from you picture there doesn’t seem to be an easy exit point for the youngster, but I guess there’s something just out of sight.


    • John Pickles

      It’s actually the top end of the harbour at high tide (if he was jumping off at low tide he’d break his legs or get stuck in the tidal mud. As it was the water was plenty deep enough and like most harbours there are ladders up the side walls to effect an escape. He was probably in more danger from pollution!



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