More (wet) Prints

Rannerdale Beck

Silver Gelatin Print, Ilford Multigrade lV FB Paper, Selenium Toned

I’ve posted this image previously as a straight scan from the TMax 100 negative. I must have got the light and exposure just right with this one as it printed straight at grade 3 with no dodging or burning – unlike the ‘Gull’ image below which I posted a few days ago –


Silver Gelatin Print, Ilford Multigrade lV FB, Selenium Toned

The first print I made at grade 3 looked like the straight scan (here) with lots of detail but looking very ‘soft’. The print above was made at grade three and a half with the sky burned in for an extra 3/4 of a stop. The print lost some unimportant detail in the shadows and gained more ‘drama’.

I tried a print at grade 4 and my first attempt at burning in the sky was very clumsy –


This image I scanned and boosted the contrast to look a little like the style of Ralph Gibson

This printed straight at grade 4 with deeper blacks which were deepened further with selenium toning


Silver Gelatin Print, Ilford Multigrade lV FB, Selenium Toned

I’ve started developing my films in Rodinal use the ‘stand’ method. I’ll post some images when I get them scanned – so far the negatives look good.

6 Replies to “More (wet) Prints”

  1. Stunning images my friend, processed and printed to perfection 🙂



  2. Great work John! All of them!
    The first one with the mountains are gorgeous!


    • John Pickles says:

      Thanks Marie. I won’t be able to do anymore printing for a while as I’m busy with work – I think I’m going to be a little frustrated!


  3. Chloe says:

    i would like to give film developing a go, just need to find someone who has a dark room
    i like all of these captures


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