in a bleak and misty forest

Pentax MX + Pentax SMC M 50/f1.7

Kodak Tri-X in Rodinal (stand developed – 3.5ml Rodinal/350m water, 1hr)

8 Replies to “Tree”

  1. Skuggsjá says:

    Beautiful! I’ve never tried stand developing, what’s your experience so far?


    • John Pickles says:

      Brilliant!!!! With my previous ‘traditional’ development I always had to adjust my scans (usually I have to increase the whites and as there is detail in the shadows that would indicate underdevelopment) So far with my stand developed negatives I haven’t had to adjust the scans – the tones are all in the right place. And it’s easy! My method is – 3.5ml developer per film (in 350ml water for 135 or 500ml water for 120) at room temp (somewhere between 17c and 22c – it doesn’t need to be too accurate) Invert about 15 times in the first minute then leave it alone completely for about an hour (again it doesn’t seem to matter if it’s not that accurate). Because it’s so dilute I use a water stop bath then fix and wash. I shoot at box speed.


  2. Very nice composition and detail.


  3. Very nice result! Like it a lot!


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