Yesterday was a lovely day in the Lake District.

Working in the outdoors can be a chore sometimes, usually when the weather is bad (and it often is around here), but days like yesterday more than make up for it.

I was at Thirlmere to support a ‘Chase the Sun’ challenge – a team of 11 people set off at sunrise to cycle from Greystoke to Swirls carpark (I forget how far that is – around 30 miles I think), climb Helvellyn, cycle around Thirlmere, canoe up to and back from the dam and then cycle back to Greystoke before the sun set.

My part in all this was to be ready with the canoes and cover safety on the water, which because the weather was great turned out to be rather easy!

There was a fair bit of waiting around but again, because the weather was good it wasn’t a problem and I even had time to take a few photo’s.

Today we’ve had gale force winds and torrential rain – luckily though, I’ve had the day off.

Such are the vagaries of the British weather.

Cumbria, September 2013

2 Replies to “Thirlmere”

  1. simon0252 says:

    Impressive reflections and cloud formation. Wonderful scene.


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