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The Loneliness of the Winter Promenade

Bustling with activity in summer but deserted in the bitter easterly winds and freezing temperatures of March. Maryport, Cumbria, March 2013

Water Pump

Two images of the same subject. One is a straight scan from the negative with ‘auto levels’ applied in Picasa. The other (the featured image) is a photographic print on fibre based paper. I reversed the negative when making the print so the image would read ‘correctly’ i.e from left

River Affric

Three images of the River Affric in the Scottish Highlands. One on 35mm T-Max 100 and the other two on Fuji Velvia 120. Two shots are at 1/2 sec exposure and one at 10 secs. Scotland, February 2013



More (wet) Prints

Rannerdale Beck Silver Gelatin Print, Ilford Multigrade lV FB Paper, Selenium Toned I’ve posted this image previously as a straight scan from the TMax 100 negative. I must have got the light and exposure just right with this one as it printed straight at grade 3 with no dodging or

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

  Exit tunnel from Cathedral Quarry, Lake District, UK. Pentax M.E Super, Pentax SMC 50mm/f1.7 Kodak T-Max 100/D 76 1:1


Looking across the Solway Firth to Scotland. An offshore wind farm is just visible in the distance. Olympus OM2(n) OM Zuiko 24mm/f2.8 Kodak 100 TMX in D76 1:1


…with Haystacks brooding in the shadows above and Great Gable (crags) in the distance bathed in the late evening sunlight. Lake District, UK. (T-Max 100/D76 1:1)

Rannerdale Beck…

…which zig zags down from Grasmoor, Lake District, UK. (Kodak T Max 100 in D76 1:1)

Sillouette #3

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